Grades 5-8 School Supply List
For the classroom:
2 packages of college – rule or wide – ruler paper
2 boxes of Kleenex tissues
2 packages of pencils
2 big pink erasers
1 package index cards – keep supplied throughout the year
1 container wet wipes
2 theme book journals
Ear buds or headphones
7th/8th graders graph paper ¼ grids
For your own use:
# 2 pencils
Elmer’s glue
Glue stick
Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
2 red pens
Great attitudes
Not to bring:
Fantasy, comic, or books about monsters
Bad attitude or worse “ I dunnos”
Please have your name on YOUR things, so you don’t get them mixed up with somebody else’s. The FEWER things you bring the EASIER it will be to keep your desk clean and neat.

We’ve got a lot to learn together….I’m looking forward to the adventure!
Mr. Beierle
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