We have a lot of great learning activities planned for this year!

Our Kindergarten students will spend their mornings in learning activities that will get them ready for the next step in their education -- First Grade!

Here's our class schedule.

Monday - Friday

8:30 Worship
8:50 Bible
9:10 Calendar/Math
10:00 Recess
10:20 Reading
10:50 Social Sciences
11:30 PE (M-Th)/Recess (F)
12:00 Dismissal
  •  Please send your child with a snack everyday (no candy or soda)
  •  Please be on time to drop off and pick up your child from school

*Grades 3-8 will take classes in the upper-grade classroom with Mr. Beierle until 12 noon. At 12:30 pm, grades 3-4 will join grades 1-2 with Mrs. Ahn in the lower-grade classroom.
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